Our Ponytails and Plugs

Here are some of my 'standard range of ponytails/plugs. I do have a variety of colours in both horsehair
and fur so if you don't see what you want it is worth enquiring. Or have one made to your own design for
around the same price (longer tails do cost more - longer hair is expensive).
With most of our lifestyle based on the senses, I make my items as tactile as possible.
All my plugs are turned from musical instrument grade african blackwood polished to a high standard and
coated in plastic laquer so they can be kept clean but as with most of these things I would recommend a
condom for any internal use as the horsehair / fur makes washing the item a little difficult.

More items will be posted regularly, so watch this page!

Deluxe Doggy Tail

Bit of a limited edition as I only have a few tails of this quality.

A top quality big fluffy white tipped tail approx 46 x 15cm fitted with a nylon rod to make it hang a little more naturally and give it a little wagability, mounted on one of my African Blackwood plugs.

Item code P06

Pussy Cat Tail Butt Plug

Luxurious black fox tail (appro
x 16-18" long)
set into one of my polished African Blackwood butt plugs.

(I occasionally have other colours available on request)

Item code P05